Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Did I mention, we initially went to the circus?

When we first got here, a couple of days after Christmas, we went to the circus. I was trying to use what limited tools I have to clean up the images and select which ones would work well for the blog. Also I wanted to find some information about the circus. 
We went to a program, that I am under the impression was, Santa and Ded Moroz save Christmas/New Year. The circus is not a travelling program, such as Barnum and Bailey's, but a building that houses the program. It seems as though, the content of programs change seasonally. The building that houses the program is huge with a large center ring. So this is in no way a "three ring circus". We had acrobatics  lions, and monkeys. What surprised me the most was the use of a live band, many times it was recorded music, but it really surprised me to see an actual orchestra pit, or balcony. 
Thought that this was a baby, it reached out and touched  me, I almost screamed and slapped it! 


The man taking the photo kept encouraging Loki to touch the bear. Bears feel weird. 

Unflavored cotton candy. 

One of the few times I could get Loki's picture with a police officer. They used to be called militia. 

Big Ring! 

Loki and Larisa, I ate the majority of the Cotton Candy. 


Snow Fairies or something. 

Horses !

So the platform swung back and forth and the acrobats (? is that the right term?) Would jump on and off of it from varying heights. 

Horses! out of sequence!

Poodles, though you could get your picture taken with the poodles you couldn't pet the poodles poofy hair. 

Santa V. Ded Moroz 1 night only!
Poodles out of sequence. 

I don't remember what he was looking at, but it must have been interesting. 

Clowns+ Lion tamer, there was some sort of, I'll ruin Christmas yet kind of conversation going on.
Note the lady in the red vest, she is the only thing between the "rope netting" lions and us. Can you get up to get a better picture, no. Gotta pee, better hold it. Also there were other such vested caretaker scattered around during the lion part. 
What's so special about this shot, the big purple minnie mouse bows, and green ones also. Miss Red vest, was there to make sure your lights didn't bother the lions and set them off. 

Loki's head, how close we are to the lions. Pretty darn close actually. 

Oh hey lion tamers' kid Crack that whip! 

Magical Christmas tree/puppet/end of performance. Santa and Ded Moroz saved Christmas! 

Out of sequence Monkeys! They were before the tree puppet. 

Also before the tree puppet. These were acrobats again. 

Bolshoi Saint Petersburg Circus! http://www.circus.spb.ru/en/

After the show, you would have thought there was a fire it was so packed.