Friday, March 22, 2013

So I am still posting about Grand Maket

Grand Maket is a huge train layout encompassing the country of Russia East To West including the Ural Mountains. If you missed the introduction. 
Here is Sergey helping Loki to look at the entire of the train layout. I think we are in the Saint Petersburg Section of the lay out, but meh bridges are all over the country. 

Here the lights are in "daylight" mode. So you can see the mass of the layouts. The building has the look of a warehouse/gym. The first level is the entrance, and a cafeteria, and cloak room and water closet. The second level is the train layout and operations. 

Loki was extremely excited by the whole of the place, plus there was a large amount of children at the building. Though they were several years older than Loki, he was super excited to see them but he gets pretty shy around kids. 

Here is some detail of the layouts. These layouts basically took the city layout and transferred it to the model display. Most of the items moved, blinked or rolled.