Saturday, May 24, 2014

June I am planning on applying for VISA's for the both of us.

The application is a process. Only because the application involves traveling out of state, to drop off the paper work. Then when it is processed, the return trip. There are two options for an application drop off, the first is San Francisco, the second is Seattle. Only four hours to Seattle and I can take a train instead of driving.
Back in the day, when applying for a VISA, one would have to go directly to the consulate to process the paperwork. Now there is a service that is used to process this for you. Why the second or third party, because of money I am sure. The cost total for Loki and I to get our VISA's is about 400 dollars. In addition to our airplane tickets at this point, the total cost has rounded up to 2000 dollars.
The next step is to pick up the passport with the visa adhered to the inside of it. Oh did I mention you have to leave the passport behind. It's exciting and not at all disconcerting to leave a passport behind to at an office.
Yep, it's a great feeling knowing that someone else has control of your passport. Last time it was a difficult process, but still anxiety causing.