Monday, February 25, 2013

Took a break, flew back to the states.

We left Russia on 2/18, those photos will come soon enough. The last thing I shared was the images from the "Deepest Aquarium in Russia". While it wasn't very large, it did have a lot of interesting animals. There were some manta rays that would flop their fins out of the water. The aquarium was enjoyed by all. 

This is an image, though not a very spectacular one of a dachshund, in a doggy snow suit. I think this dog also had a scarf, and a probably a sweater. He was very friendly and seemed very comfortable in the dog suit. This was not the first dog that I saw in a snow suit. Larger dogs were generally unsuited by smaller and medium sized dogs were suited. Loki complained so much about his suit, I wonder what the dogs complaints are. 
Here is a lovely image, of the temperature (in celsius 0 degrees, in Fahrenheit 32 degrees). The gas station has a Burger King attached to it and is across the street from Peter Paul Fortress, behind the gas station is a huge beautiful mosque. The price is 35 Rubles (1.15$) 31.70R (1.04$) 28.90R (.95$). Of course the prices are per litre, so it's about 4.60 for a gallon That's a taxi, I can't tell what kind of car it is, and it's not one that we took. But we rode very interesting cars through out or time there. Hover was my favorite. 

Here is a lovely image of my camera strap to the right. These men to the center, are not ice fishing because why would you use a giant chain saw to ice fish with? I never did figure out what exactly they were sawing up. I would think that it was to help from the frozen river cracking the bridge, or getting caught up around the bridge. Also that's bright yellow snow, I am not sure why they would pee so closely to where they are working, but that's their choice. Also that's a giant sledge hammer, to hammer each other with. 
These were the images I caught before we went to Peter Paul Fortress for the second time. More on that later. 

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