Saturday, March 9, 2013

Around the town

I have had some conversation and questions about what the apartment/outside was like that Sergey and Larisa live at. They are apparently referred to as the Twin Towers kind of a homage to 9/11. 
This is the opposite apartment from the one that they live in. They are practically mirror images of each other. The place that Loki is walking to is a play area for children. I think there may be underground parking. This is an area for Limited parking in a circular shape. 

This is looking directly up towards the apartment that Sergey and Larisa live in. There are 23 floors, Sergey and Larisa live on the 17th floor, in the 117th apartment. I think the open window that you vaguely can see is the window to Sergey and Larisa apartment. I could never really tell which one was there "unit". 

This is the train yard in Saint Petersburg, I don't know if it was just commercial train yard, or trains that were for transporting people as well. The train system in Russia is different from Western European trains, and American trains. I don't really know how to explain how they look. I will have to google around it. 

Here we are riding in a Taxi. I think we were in a Nissan, but I can't remember, it could have been a Hyundai. This was one of the few times I could convince Sergey and Larisa that Loki could leave the house with a pair of sneakers on. I became extremely tired of fighting over boots, also you can see how much of his ankle is peeking out of his clothes. 

This was another section of the shipping yard(s). 

I thought this was a very interesting image because we were driving to a store or activity. We went through lots of shipping or distribution sites. I thought this very cosmopolitan building juxtaposes against the squalor around it. I think we eventually went around the building. 

Oh look, we did! The yellow square thing is used to move around train boxes cargo. I had heard that if a train was traveling from Western Europe to Eastern Europe they have to switch the wheels. It is pretty complicated.
I have almost completed my series of photos from Russia. These were taken around the 10th of February. I still have a a dozen more or so posts that I get to share with you! I guess I will have to go back to Russia. 

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