Friday, March 1, 2013

Continuing our tour of Peter Paul Fortress to the Museum of Russian History

The museum of Russian History is housed inside of Peter Paul Fortress, compound. While the Russian Museum isn't actually full of Russian History, it's full of art, largely made by Russian/Soviet artists. So while that's very interesting, it's not Russian History. When I think about it, there really isn't much to Russian History, a lot of it is "sanitized" to portray what they want you to know. (Good example of that coming up...) 
These are part of the first part of the museum, that includes how the Fortress was built and who initially inhibited the area that is now Saint Petersburg. 

Glance upon my marginal photo skillz. The dress was really ornate and brocade-esque. There was also a mans outfit, but meh. Dresses. 
This is, the initial and not much changed layout of Peter Paul Fortress. Notice the island, it's maybe not exactly an island. Lot's of Saint Petersburg is manmade, and by man made I mean slaves scooping mud with their own hands to lay foundations. Peter the Great's overall vision/dream of creating a door way to the west, was basically funded and created in a pretty tight headline, though he died before it was completed. Many people have this vision, that Saint Petersburg has been around since the 1500's or 1600's. It was the mid 18th century, almost into the 19th century when it was inhabited by people who had "money". So because of this, the city has hardly changed, meanwhile Moscow keeps catching on fire and having to be rebuilt. 

Here is a boat anchor, the grandparents and Loki. It was either too hot, and too cold all at the same time. Most palace museums are either too hot/too cold and drafty all at the same time. The lady in the maroon vest, is the "security guard" who prevents you from touching things. Because nobody should touch anything that's been groped for 300 years. 

Here is Loki with his sucker, looking at some of the early "cabinet members"/friends of Peter the Great who helped to create the country that is Russia during the time he was reigning. To say that Peter the Great completely modernized the country is true. According to the children's book I read the country was pretty backwards, and he moved everything in to the 17th century. He worked with Western European countries to learn what is the best of everything, and attempted to bring that back to Russia. 

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