Friday, July 5, 2013

This is how we celebrated my birthday in Russia. It was interesting.

This was only the second birthday that I have celebrated without my parents. 
Sergey is preparing the meat grinder. This was bought before they bought the juicer. I don't know how frequently they grind beef at home. I didn't really see ground beef at the stores we went to. So it must be a pretty common appliance. 

These were some of the roses they bought me. They are odd number of roses because that is the custom over their. Odd numbers are positive numbers. 

 Here is another photo of the roses, and some grapes that were bought. The small sad plant is my attempt at an Valentine's day slash birthday gift for Sergey. 

The box is a small box of jewelry that Larisa was sharing with me. I was so overwhelmed and upset that I didn't take any home with me. I wanted to keep them there because I was shy about that. 

The stove top, and oven were tiny as referenced by Loki, the top has four burners with a flat top. It was a very nice oven, and stove. It wasn't a gas oven/stove which was great because I wasn't going to light my hair on fire, or gas us. 

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