Saturday, June 7, 2014

So I tried to Drop Off our paper work to get our VISA

I made the drive up from Portland, to Seattle. It's a little over a 4 hour drive that included getting a speeding ticket.
On arrival, I was told that the photocopy of the paperwork that was created in Russia, by my son's grandparents. I think the problem lies in the misunderstandings and mistranslations on the visa service website. Oh but to access a paper copy of the document and fill it out with a pen.
So now we are waiting for the paper work to be FEDEX'ed from Russia to Oregon. It's awful! I feel so bad for his grandparents to have to pay more and more for these documents.
Here are some images of my trip: I was there very early in the morning, so it was supposed to be a great day for me but ended up being shorter.

The last time I went to Seattle, in 2009, the giant ferris wheel wasn't there. Now it is. 

I was at Pike Market, and nothing was open. But some vegetable stands, flower stands, and of course fish stands. 

The pig never looked better. 

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