Friday, July 25, 2014

more from Surprise Island

So they had this fountain, but it wasn't like in America. You couldn't access the water. While there were coins in the fountain it wasn't the copious amount that we usually see in America. Also the coins that were in there, weren't even worth the metal they are made out of. 

Couple of interesing things. You know you aren't in America because everyone has giant cameras strapped around their necks. Also no one is using their cellphone cameras.  Also pay attention to the shoe fashion. 

This is a ride! It went up and down, but the children weren't secured. 

These became my new best friends in Russia. Also I didn't see people slathering their children in sun block as we do over here. As I do actually. 

No pets, no ice cream, no luggage, no spontaneous hair cuts. 

Loki easily finds friends. They went another time around, sitting inside the truck. No waiting in line. Russia is a selfish country. 

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