Friday, August 8, 2014

So I was taking you on a tour of the Summer Garden

So Loki wants to take pictures with the camera, and he does a pretty good job.

 These are his crocs, he is very proud of them. He love wearing them.

 I took this photo of him and Baba together. He enjoyed the fountains.
 This is Loki's scooter. He also loves his scooter.
 This is a photo of Baba (Larisa) and my arm. My arm is in the shot because I am trying to wrangle the camera free from Loki. It's the third camera I have had to buy in so many years.
 Dede, enjoying the fountain.
 Loki's scooter.

This was either a vegetable garden, or a herbal garden. It was interesting that most museums use grandmas to guard the treasures of the Russian federation. You can only get so close to the plots and flowers. You can't pick you can photograph.
I wanted to spend more time at this location, but it's kind of hard when your son is running away with his scooter to another fountain.
Most people will mill about the grounds leisurely. I believe the cost is free. There was a wide range of people touring the gardens. Nobody really talks or laughs, they keep to themselves and have mellow conversations. You can get drinks and ice cream during the walk and they have small garbage cans scattered around every where. The best thing about being in Russia is paying to use a toilet. You have indoor toilets that flush, you have to pay to use those. You have out door toilets, you have to pay to use those. I have seen more consumption of various kinds of liquid during this visit, then previous. (not always alcohol) time around. It's a very interesting time during the summer. I try to not have a huge eyes when walking around.
Yes it's true the russian government has banned any western or european union,  fruits, vegetables and dairy products. As most food products are imported, this is a huge burden on many people. Ourselves included. 

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