Monday, August 4, 2014

This is the summer garden, it is close to the Hermitage

So the garden is filled with fenced in Green spaces. Because nothing says "Garden" like fences every where. Including signs that say, Stay off the Grass in two languages (English and Russian)

 The grounds are very large with wide open paths to walk through. One thought is that they were created to be so wide so that a carriage or small carriage could fit through.

 Loki still insists on wearing his crocs. They are not really for walking, and they are not really that well fitting. His grandfather bought him some "Russian" style sandals or as I refer to them as, Orthopedic children's shoes. It's cool he and mommy have a matching pair so that he wouldn't feel so out of place.
 Statues are every where and were added during the "Reconstruction period" which would be when in the Russian government. Possibly after the freedom of the Serfs, but before 1917 would be my guess. Certainly not during the time of Communism, and not during the time of WWII. Maybe Wikipedia will hold my answer.
 Here's my son plowing into someone on his scooter. Dude put your cell phone down, it's the summer garden.
 Here's one of the many, many fountains that dot the garden. Maybe not dot as much as dominate huge areas of walking path. 
 Here's me in all my american tourist glory. Hat check, bag over shoulder that's more of a satchel check, weird clothing style, of course. Also I am wearing sneakers, with ankle socks.

No I lied I have my orthopedic adult sandals on. So that's better than sneakers. Here's me with Baba - Larisa. We are getting our photo taken by Sergey. By the way it's almost 8 at night, and we would be out for another three more hours. Including another boat tour.

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