Friday, December 28, 2012

Дом книги House of Books

Larisa and I went for a walk to the bookstore in Saint Petersburg across from another Church. I am not sure which church it was, I know it wasn't church of the spilled blood. (Not Jesus' spilled blood some Romanovs' spilled blood.) 

You wear heavy coats, boots, shoes, gloves, etc and then you get in the store and it's warm and toasty. I take my coat off, and look around, Russians would rather sweat through the heat. I can't stand it.
I found a million things that I liked looking at and a dozen or so postcards. Also a bunch of other uncessary items. I keep trying to not buy things, but Larisa was like, this or this, how about this for Loki. In the end we had a grocery basket full of stuff. Then you look at the stuff that you bought, and the price on the register, 3378, and your jaw drops. I move the decimal over to about 33.78. It's amazing how these people consistently live with such inflation.

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