Monday, December 31, 2012

The question : how many churches can you visit in one day

Loki hasn't adjusted to the time change yet. We went on a hike all the way out to Peter Paul Fortress c. 1740. Also as today is New Years Eve everyone is preparing to have a party down here. I though am not a big fan of NYE. Though we have found out that, those on Soyuz or whatever they call it have sent their New Year wishes. That you will get shoved out of the donut shop when it is closing time for NYE. And that GiveRauche is awesome, but the perfumery can overwhelm horribly. I found the last resting place of the Romanov family, the one sadly assassinated for the sake of the Bolshevist revolution.This isn't of course entirely true, because no one really knows where they are residing at. Some of their bones could have got mixed in with the servants bones. It is an on going and never ending, drama for the Russians. I was trying to determine if the current population has some sort of regret for the murder of the children as they are innocents. But the answers aren't really there.
Also there are very, very few handicap ramps etc in Russia. Get ready for some pictures.
This is actually from our arrival, we were staying in a small, apartment right off Nevsky prospect. The place to the right of the photo is a scientology center. Ask Larisa how she feels about scientology. It will not go well. 

Balloon machine right? Not so much, it's a boot/shoe cover. I think they are a big deal in the winter. Weren't we saddened to find out they aren't a balloon machine. 

This is from 12/25 or 26. I can't really remember anymore. I am forcing Loki to participate with the other children in this very classy Holiday event. 

A lot of the children came in costome. The child behind Loki is dressed as a snow man. Other children have various other New Year Uncle Frost related costumes. 

So what this is as far as I can infer, is a magic christmas tree. King Samovar (man in gold) Naughty girl standing next to Samovar, tea guard, and snow princess girl.There is something going on, Naughty girl and tea guard are trying to trick King Samovar into imprisoning snow princess. Kind of got lost in translation after that. 

It's Uncle Frost (Ded Moroz) , I know him! 

Ded Moroz and Snow princess (Snegurochka)
So everything turned out okay. Yes the children are sitting on Bean Bags, occasionally the stewardesses would come along and adjust the bags. The parents sat behind the children in real chairs. I sat next to my son in a beanbag chair. No other parent did this. 

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