Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I have been watching Russian TV

The interesting thing is that sometimes, you get shows that have great translations. Where their are male voices for males, and female voices for females. Then I  watch "The Big Bang Theory", this one is kind of sad. Instead of male and female "voice overs" speaking Russian, you get one male voice speaking Russian. That is unsettling, because I wonder how the plan on dealing Bernadette's voice. I mean she has a special voice, and it's unsettling enough listening to a man do Kaley Cuoco's voice, in Russian, as a man but you know you get used to it.
The more I turn down the TV the more I can read their lips, which is in English, so that makes my life easier.
Couple of other things I like about Russian tv, they put ages on the commericals, and they put ages on the programs. But instead of that wacky, TVMA DSLV or whatever alphabet soup we get in America, they just slap 16+ or 12+ on there. Very nice.

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