Monday, January 28, 2013

I think I should just start naming posts: "So we left the house/apartment and this happened..."

Have I mentioned that we have very limited amounts of Daylight here?! 
By the time it's 4-ish the sun is setting and it's dusky already. Moving towards darkness. Other children are usually out during this time so it's not like we are odd for bringing a small child. It's not incredibly cold in the picture, it's just averagely cold. There isn't a point where you go wow I think this is too cold for a child to be outside. 

In fact if anything Loki is over dressed. He usually has an outfit on (pants, shirt, socks, mittens, hat, scarf), most children have a shirt or two on and leggings. Boys wear leggings, girl wear leggings. When they go to places like Ikea, or anything indoors the kids run around in leggings and their shirts. It's kind of creepy to see kids wearing leggings and shirts. Occasionally you get kids with a complete outfit on, when you get to a place. Other times you get leggings. 

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