Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Here are some of my favorite things so far that I have seen. (So far)

I don't get to walk around by myself very often. Larisa will let me go by myself and watch Loki, this has happened since Peter has left (Peter left 1/16). I like to go to the book palace, and I also like a new one I went to I am going to call it Book Boulevard. These are from Book Palace, which is also called Zinger Cafe  or the Zinger building. (Singer, the company that makes/made sewing machines.) In order to get to "down town Saint Petersburg"/Nevsky Prospect, I walk 4 blocks to the subway/Metro, board the green train, take it three stops and then get off and submerge into "daylight". 
These are multi-card wallets, multi-envelopes - large pockets - and zippered pouches. Here's something I don't understand though, they have a triple card holder. Who needs a hundred slots for cards. Do you carry that with you every where. As you know, I want one of these. 

Fifty Shades of Grey, that crap of writing that everyone blabs about in the states, has graced the shores of Russia. Yes it has a +18 sign on it to signify that it's not for everyone. I think what cracks me up the most about this "book" is that there are lots of people out there on the internet writing Fan Fic, or Fiction or blogging, (not me!) who are really far better writers or have an interesting story to tell and  they aren't getting the attention that this crappy, unimaginative, and totally inappropriate book is getting. Have I read it, no. Am I judging other people's comments, yes. I have read other fiction, and I have read Anais Nin, so I am not special but I would direct people who "liked" this book to really examine why they liked it. 
OMG Mexican Pizza at Pizza Hut!? How about yes, the Pizza hut is actually a fancy sit down restaurant in comparison to most American Pizza Hut's. With pasta dishes, salads, mixed drinks. It's an interesting concept. I would describe what I have seen on the menu as a Olive Garden with Pizza. 

Hey there, do you like Tattoos? Do you like giant posters featuring nude men covered in tattoos on a large window? Have I got the place for you! This is a huge image of a naked man barely covering the "family jewels". 

Now this is the family petting zoo for children and families to go to and enjoy family time. Notice Sergey and Larisa's mannerisms. They are gesturing to the fact that it's open certain hours. And I am being the crazy American banging on the door and hollering. That's me! 'Merica! 

Oh you thought the nude male image was too much, then why not have creepy butt lady with "tattoos" covering her body above the happy children's museum. I can't tell you how many times I see inapropriate images next to wholesome family locations. 
Yesterday we were at a large mall, and I saw a restaurant named El Patio. With a name like El Patio I would think, Mexican Food, Italian Food, Mediterranean food. Actually it was a sushi restaurant. I can't tell you how many Sushi restaurants I pass daily. Clearly in Hubbard we don't have that many Sushi restaurants. 
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