Friday, February 1, 2013

Peter finally left 1/16

Leaving Loki and I by ourselves, with his grandparents Larisa and Sergey. Some things that have come up in conversation with friends on facebook: How do we communicate, the answer is through google translate. I have quickly learned phrases or words like: davay давай (let's go), садиться sidit,saya (sit down), metro, and есть yest (to it). Of course, да dah, (yes) нет nyet (no) and my favorite and said multiple times хорошо harasho (ok, sure, fine, well, and possible whatever). It only becomes incredibly frustrating when I leave Loki alone with his grandparents. They only speak Russian and occasionally will speak to him in English. Larisa has picked up the phrase, "Put your pants on" in english. That's incredibly helpful because if he had his way Loki would wander around naked constantly.
So eventually I just broke drown and bought him boy tights. Boy tights! Because wearing a complete outfit under his snow suit is a bit much. This is a common, common thing over here. I have mentioned and seen other boys from various ages wearing these. Of course older boys don't wear these, but younger ones do. The first time I saw them was at the Ikea.
What do we do most days. Usually we wake up later in the morning around 9 AM or 8 AM and Loki plays with his trains. Most the time we then leave the house, and go to museums, shopping centers, or children's activities.
We have taken Loki to a small petting type museum, the artillery museum, and a video arcade. In the evenings we go to the fall out shelter, to go sledding, or to the park to play on the equipment. (See post: we left the house and this happened.)

This is the petting museum that we went to. It could be part of a larger children's museum but it was underneath a tattoo parlor. Larisa, Loki and I went there and looked around and followed a tour guide (lady with short brown hair) that took us around and introduced us to the animals and exhibits in the museum. 
Brown haired lady spoke a large amount of English considering the interactions of English I have had only with the people in McDonald's. 

I think more than anything I absolutely miss talking in English more than anything. I miss having conversations with adults, I try and talk to my son and that doesn't go so well. Larisa and I use google translate to talk to each other. But there is only so much that can be said. On the other hand, trying to talk to Sergey is the most difficult. He has lots of questions about Loki and about Peter. I also use google translate to converse with him. I don't really like answering their questions about Peter because well I don't care. 

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