Saturday, January 19, 2013

It got into positive temperatures.

If you believe that 0 is positive. This is the hardest part about most days or mornings. I lived on the east coast and I could justify leaving the house in 12 or 14 degree weather. But here it's so much more difficult to wander out in -4 degree temperatures. Loki hates wearing his snow suit, I get tired of sweating through my clothes, and by the time you start walking 5 feet Loki wants someone to carry him.
Sometimes I wonder why I thought coming out here in the middle of winter, in the worst part of winter was the best idea. I don't think you can ever escape coming to winter in Russia once in your life if you have family here. I thought I would manage it better, and I do. On the other my son hasn't had the best times with travelling in the cold. But then again it's not like we are super suffering. 
This picture is from Velikiye Luki, a suspension bridge, something I fear. But I went across it, I also ran across the frozen river. So I stepped out of my comfort zone, stepped pretty far out of my comfort zone. 
But what am I going to do when I am done with Russia. Looking into work and jobs, thinking about the future. Yet I don't really like thinking about the future. 
I am trying to cover it! 


  1. Cara, this blog is brilliant! More photos please! And congrats on your graduation.

  2. Hey, Cara-

    Is the 0 temperature that you report in fahrenheit or celsius?

    Keep those updates coming...they're very interesting!

    -Dan :-)

  3. Folks - Farenheit because you know math, but if I report it in Celsius it seems more dramatic. Or I trick myself into thinking it's warmer with Farenheit.