Friday, January 18, 2013

Russian Museum

There was a tentative plan to go to The Hermitage. This is a huge compound with multiple areas for art/sculpture whatever. 
But because Sergey had something else going on or something, Larisa, Loki and I went to the Russian Museum of Ethnography. This was a palace, as everything here is a palace of sorts if it is a museum. I thought it would have items from Russian creation of the past. Largely it was art work, large art work. Lots of paintings, paintings older than the state of Oregon. Everything is old, is what I am saying. Everything is beautiful, from the furniture you can sit on to admire the art, to the palace that holds the art. The ceilings are high, considering everyone is short, and they are highly detailed and ornate. The lighting is gorgeous, old, wired for electricity. Everything is marble, or parquet flooring. Highly detailed and ornate, I saw something that looked like wall paper, turns out it was actually just painted onto the walls. Like a fresco but better. 
I would love to have looked more closely but, as it turns out I couldn't because it was sons nap time and he screamed and grunted through the whole entire time in the palace. 
I know kids don't normally do well in museums, but he was tired and grumpy and probably hungry. Some days getting him to eat are better than others. But this was the case also in America. 
For the return date I have been waffling on leaving on the 18th or leaving closer to the 27th of February. Our VISA expires on the 28th of February, so we have to be out of here before our VISA's expire or that causes a problem. Nobody wants to get deported out of Russia. 
So while it's only still maybe 10 degrees outside, we carry on. 

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