Sunday, January 13, 2013

Summer Dacha (Дача)

We drove outside of 

Velikiye Luki for about 20 minutes towards the Dacha. These are small houses for summer food growing. Alexander does potatoes, and he picks wild mushrooms. Mushrooms are a big thing out here. 

Larisa, Peter, Alexander Loki. 

Velikiye Luki is rural and the dacha's are set up not as summer retreats, though they are summer retreats, but as places to grow your vegetables and fruits. 

This is Larisa's parents Dacha. They are hoping to sell it for 100 dollars to the neighbors. Many are either abandoned or are being used has homes or Dachas. Ownership usually passes through families.  

Loki and Snow. 
Alexander's Dacha. He still uses his, but because of his age isn't able to produce a larger harvest. He does go out into the wild area and pick mushrooms and various wild fruits or nuts. 

This was one of the sunniest days in Russia we had experienced. But it was incredibly cold, and windy.  

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