Sunday, January 13, 2013

The indoor outdoor market.

Not the outdoor market. But there where plenty of people on the lead up to the market itself selling, food, fruit, vegetables, fish, cigarettes.

Central downtown Vielekie Luki. 

Divide the cost of the coat by 30 and you  have the price in USD.

Pigs head/Boars head. 

Pigeons in the market every where. 

I bought two packets of seeds. I think the older man selling the seeds must have known Alexander. He hugged me, and he slipped me an extra packet. They are flowers. 

You guys have some candy! 

Yep that's a heart. 

Better buy a bag, because they sell them. 

Panties and bras! 

The classiest lady in all of Vielieki Luki. 

This is just the out door/indoor market. There are grocery stores, called Magazines. I don't know why they are called that, but I guess it makes sense to them. It was interesting to be in a small town, but it was nothing like small town rural Woodburn. More like something you would find in southern/eastern Oregon. I still haven't asked why he hugged me, Peter said it was because they are getting older.

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