Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Central Park of Culture and Rest Kirov, Elagin Island

Not long after we went to the Artillery museum we went to a park you had to pay for to enter. This was a very large park with a lake in it. I would like to think it was pleasant in the Summer time. Though in the winter time it was a bit intense. 

This is the only time where Sergey and Larisa probably deceived the ticket person on our nationality or age. I know when to keep my head down and my mouth shut. Also thank goodness, this wasn't the time Loki started to blab. 

Loki has a plastic disc, that he usually refuses to use. But We attached some rope to it, and both his grandparents would pull him. 

This is a sculpture of "The Dance" by Matisse. Next to a Sculpture of "The Kiss" by Klimt. 

I wanted to get in the middle of the sculpture and have my picture taken. 

This is how it turned out. So maybe next time we will come in the Summer and my son will be else where. Don't get me wrong, I love my boy but sometimes. 

This is a great shot of Larisa and Sergey. They at times with their interactions, remind me of my divorced parents. Everybodies parents disagree about paths, and maps and which way is which. 

I was surprised and amazed by the "Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. Didn't think to find this there. I suppose there could have been more sculptures, wouldn't find that out because we were on a mission. 

An interesting house, wish could have found out more about it. 

Sledges of a kind ! I didn't think we would get two. We got two. 

Loki in his carriage, Larisa is pushing him. I was in the other carriage being pushed by Sergey. Thank God, no one had a heart attack. 

Nature in the park of rest, there were several bird houses, several bird feeders. (Though fat pigeons rule many feeders.) 

The sledges are so that you sit on them and then they have these really long "tails" that you can then ride on as the pusher. 

Loki pushing grandma Larisa on the sledge. 

Loki and grandpa working together. 

Then this happened. Reindeer. One antler reindeer! 

Two one antler Reindeer. 

Remember it's in Celsius. Quick math lesson for those of you interested in doing the conversion. (http://www.aaamath.com/mea414x2.htm

Parting shot of the Lake. Frozen, though enjoy ice skating at the ice skating rink. Pay money to break your hip. 

Here is the website to the park. Though it's in Russian, maybe you will find a translation http://elaginpark.spb.ru/

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