Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Zoological Museum of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences PART 1

I literally could not stop taking pictures of this place. These are from the first level of the exhibits. Yes it has a cloak room, yes it has gift booths, yes it has a Cafe. 

And yes these are the favorite dogs and horse of Peter the Great (1672-1725), yes they have been stuffed and then grouped together and then placed in a case. Yes my photo skills for taking pics of taxidermied animals is horrible. But You guys have to see these pictures. I literally could not stop taking pictures. 

Sheep Foetus in jar, next to shells/mollosks ... Why who knows everything is in Russian. 

Not just taxidermied animals, but skeltons of dead animals. 

Narwhale horns!?


Egyptian Cats 

Cats with mice. 

Pigeons because there isn't a big enough flock following you around outside, why not dead ones inside. 


more dogs, 

And that friendly looking fellow. 


different case, more dogs. 

And some more dogs. 

Rodents and gross things. Fighting Rodents. 

Birds and predators, together. 

A fawn and a baby bear, and some insects. Together. 

This thing. 

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  1. The very bottom photo...the one called, "This thing", is a sunfish! They exist in Monterey Bay, but way, way out. They've got one or two in the big tank at the Aquarium. Bizarre looking, but cool.