Thursday, February 14, 2013

Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences: Part Deux Birds addition!

I literally couldn't stop taking (crappy) pictures of the animals in glass. I lost Sergey and Loki multiple times because, Animal tableau's. There happened to be a group of school children while we were there also so their reactions also totally made it more interesting. 
There are multiple displays, and I literally could not stop taking pictures. There were multiple tableau's of animals.  
Hey kids, look at how nature works. Look at how much fun those pups are having with the feathers. This happens in real life! The kids that were touring the museum weren't at all horrified. I was amazed, and at times horrified. 

Loki looking at at tamer scene of color changing ferret like creatures. 

This was in the bird section, but I couldn't understand what they were trying to show/explain. Other than this, couldn't see any wires holding these things up. How is this possible. 

So there was actually a mix of fowls and other creatures. But apparently I went insane for the birds. 

Prior to the birds you get a view of Pinnipeds. Honestly I didn't know walruses were this big, and can you believe (according to a Futurama episode) only the largest gets to mate? 

OMG penguins, baby penguins. All under glass, all frozen. Look at the detail. (Thanks Jen Yates/EpBot/CakeWrecks) 

Kids, looking at birds frozen in glass. Every so often you would stumble into a flying bird scene. Where are the wires? 

Again another image that was unexpected but occurs naturally. Most of this is in Russian, but clearly those are vulture like birds and a dead dog. 

At some point during the evening the birds try to escape their encasement's, and fly freely. 

This was largely how the sides were set up. In the middle (see picture above of broken glass.) of the room is an aisle way and tableau's. On the sides are display cases. Each with hundreds of  animals housed inside. Again the attention to detail is AMAZING. If you notice some of the stands on the tableau's you will see tracks, or bird poop. 

OMG what's that a FREAKING DODO?! Now I understand how quickly animals went extinct in the 18th/19 hundreds. How many live birds did they have to go through to get these frozen specimens. 

A different shot of the display cases. 

I mentioned above about the bird poop/droppings. Yep, someone thought that if you are going to show birds in their environment you should include the poop. Maybe, you think this is just a rock they grabbed while snatching up a flock of birds. Nope, I would walk by displays and tableau's with details like bird poop, or blood drops. 

Finally some owls for the Owl lovers out there. Again some questions that I ask, 1) how many animals did they have to go through to get these 

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