Friday, February 15, 2013

The Zoological Museum of Russian Academy of Sciences: III The mammalian side

Most of the musuem is in Russian, so when you stumble into some English, I get super excited. It can be very difficult to go so long with so little English. Even the tourist activities lack basic English instructions. Imagine my excitement when I see English. 

Have a seat, rest yer legs! Don't worry about that pissy hungry wolf to your left protecting it's delicious meal. It's not going to leap out of the glass. By the way this was a darker corner, so the flash makes it look much brighter. It was a bit disturbing to walk into this scene. 

That's my boy, and Grandpa Sergey to the right. School kids to the right. In the middle some Polar Bears just doing there thing. 

Would you like to understand the way the whole animal classification system works? Me too, unfortunately it's in Russian so good luck with that. Wikipedia I guess? 

Look at that pile of cash! I don't know if you get a detailed enough view, but those were 10 Ruble bills. (Equivalent to .33 cents.) Also check out that super safe looking fire hydrant. That was a newer model. In the Hermitage you would occasionally see fire hoses. (Side note: people smoke in the most unexpected places in Russia. We went to a fancy pants multi-story mall and on three floors there were coffee restaurants. People were actually smoking occasionally in the restaurant, which wasn't separated from the rest of the mall. So an in the round shopping experience and every once in a while I would sniff and go, "Is that cigarette smoke" to myself. )

Large and small Rodents are trying to break out! Beware! 

Real skeleton of a Mammoth? or Similar to a Mammoth. You try and sound out Russian. 

Also other Mammoth. Yes it was large enough to cram several complete and incomplete skeletons of multiple animals. 

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