Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's at the end of the Zoological Museum?

A live bug museum! Yes, dead animals didn't quench your excitement for Filozoa ?  That's cool, because you can watch some live bugs, just a couple more Rubles. 
I have learned that the top word, is pronounced Zoopark. If you watch Cheburashka
 you will be familiar with the word Zoopark. 

This is a view from the second floor to the first floor. I am not really sure how the divide up the floors because most buildings use the basement for cloak rooms, and water closets. 

Happy Darwin Day a couple of days ago!(2.12) This is a pretty interesting presentation. Here's hoping that's not a Piltdown man though. 

The sign reads: "Systematic collections of fishes, amphibians, reptiles and birds (left side of hall). Systematic collection of the invertebrates and expositions. Birds of the geographical zones (right side of  hall)" This was on level one, with the giant whale skeleton and Seals. 

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