Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fall Out Boy at his Fall Out Shelter

The fall out shelter, as Peter called it, was a mound with enterances in a couple of corners. Children various ages and their parents take their sleds, or tires to slide down the hill. It usually has an iced slope to assist in breaking your neck(?). 
There are no steps to climb up. It's not that difficult to climb up, except if you are three years old. Loki can't figure out how to walk up the hill, but then I have a difficult time on some of the approaches. At this point we tend to carry him up. Loki doesn't use his disc, but will slide down on his tummy/belly. 

Adjacent to the shelter is a basketball court?  Tennis court, that's fencened. Apparently the kids/older kids have already broke the fence this year. It looks like someone smashed it with their sled, tube. I don't know Who is responsible for fixing the fence. 

Look for the orance plastic disc, and you will find Larisa or one of us from our party. The apartment on the right of the screen faces the main road that goes through our part of town. Also the point between the two apartments there is the park that has been featured in previous posts. 

Same night just different view or whatever from my camera. 

My photo bombers, are probably under 18, but not quite high school. They are sharing an ill gotten bottle of beer. It is a very large bottle 2, 3 liters maybe, and pretty crappy. 

Different view this is a pile next to the "shelter".

Basketball/Tennis court. 
A reader of blog, inquired on how people here deal with the snow. They just ignore it over time. 

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