Sunday, March 31, 2013

More detailed images of Grand Maket

So we spent several hours at Grand Maket! I was surprised at how many young children were there. Loki was the youngest of the children that were there. 
This is showing the water, it didn't move and it didn't shimmer. But it had boats and submarines in them. 

There were lots of cutaways to show you the inner workings of the train layout. 

Here is an image of night time in Grand Maket. 

A cut away of the submarine. 

Here is Loki looking at the city. This was the Saint Petersburg Section. I think that what impressed me the most was how detailed the layouts were. 

The gold cathedral is part of Peter Paul Fortress. 

This is one of my favorite scenes. There were lots of scenes that had police involvement. 

So he is still looking at Peter Paul Fortress and if you notice underneath there is a train running. The layout had constant activity. 

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