Friday, May 3, 2013

Grand Maket For the last time!

I think the most interesting thing about this image, is the detail that they put into creating it. Clearly it looks like police officers trying to arrest someone. The crowd of people, the uniformed Police, the automobiles, and the buildings are all carefully crafted.

This is an image of Pulkova airport, I believe. I am not really attempting to read it that well. Most of the displays are pretty accurate considering that I am looking at them from above, and that everything is written in Russian. At this point I was super excited because we would be leaving soon enough for the states. The young(er) man standing to the left of the photo has pretty typical hair for a youth. 

Here we are attempting to leave. That is Sergey and Larisa talking/holding Loki of course. It was really pleasant this day, and while we rode in a cab to the museum, we walked to the train station. 

This is the master diagram of the train layout. I was amazed, slightly, at how much time and detail was put into the train layouts.  

I thought this was an interesting image, because I initially thought it was a photo of Alexander square, but on second examination it is actually a photo of the miniatures.  We were able to eat at the Grand Maket, and they had pretty traditional russian food. Also they had tea, coffee and soda and some dessert type items. It was very interesting that this place was so huge, and that there was so much room for guests. Clearly this is a large tourist destination. 

This is the work room where the items are made and the trains are made. I learned that most of the items are made right there on site. I think that speaks for how much time is spent on the lay outs. You will notice that Loki has on tennis shoes, eventually I would bring an extra pair of shoes to trade out instead of his snow boots, if we would be at a location for an extended period of time. This day because it was nicer, and "warmer" I was able to convince Sergey and Larisa to allow Loki to go without his snow boots. Towards the end it was very difficult to get prepared to leave the apartment with all the dressing we had to do prior to leaving. 

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