Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So we went on a tour ride of the Big Neva in preparation of Navy Day

So most excursions begin later in the evening because it has been so hot during the day. Loki ends up taking a long nap, baba and dede take a nap.
So dede decided to buy Loki a scooter because we didn't want to make him walk, and we didn't want to have to carry him everywhere, It was a good investment, but not exactly sure how we will bring it back to America.

This is Loki on the way to the Hermitage. Usually most people in the city spend the hot nights out fo there, residences because most people don't seems to have fans or air conditioning. Or believe in breezes. Then again if it's that cold in the winter who wants to worry about being too hot.

Loki is holding my as big as his head cotton candy (cost 100 rubles/a little over 3 dollars.)

The sun sets on the Neva River, we are waiting to take a river cruise of the Neva. The next day, sunday will be Fleet Day for the Russian Navy.

Loki actually looks nice for Russian standards, Button down shirt, and sandals. All good except for his backwards pants.

Hello Russian Citizens it's I Loki. Watch me as I ride my scooter around the waiting area for the ship. Am I not adorable????

Look the sign says no Smoking, but you know what damn the sign.

He's figured me out, he can see  my camera flash.

Don't worry adults you will get served a boat load of alcohol on this very short tour.

More photos to come.

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