Friday, July 25, 2014

So what does a parent do when a grandparent insists that your child do something?

Because I don't know how to respond. Maybe it's my personality. So this is one of those rides that' acts like an elevator. It goes up and down and kind of bounces in mid air. Sergey wanted Loki to go on this ride. Loki wasn't having it. After much cajoling and convincing/threatening he did go. 

But it scared him very much. These are from before the ride started. 

Guess who made grandpa watch Loki.
Oh the faces he made. He was frightened but not crying. Oh well, sometimes we do things we don't like. But then again, sometimes I don't want to cause problems with his grandparents. There really isn't much I can do. 


  1. I've been on that ride It's great! you should have gone on with him : ) They let adults ride it at Lego Land : )

  2. Had I known this, I would have made Dede ride on it with Loki. But I don't think that he would have gone on that ride, as his butt is too big.
    Oh well.