Thursday, July 24, 2014

Surprise, You are at Surpise Island

 So we went to диво остров. Which I wasn't sure kind of what it would be like. But I know it was like a DisneyLand rip off. The whole time, Sergey and Larisa, are like it's just like DisneyLand right. I was like, oh close. But not exactly. So we haven't been here for hardly a day when and we roll up to surprise island.

This is the entry way that we went in. It has a large area but it's not a very big place. 

So Loki is ready to go on some rides. 

He was unsure about the bumper cars.

So he went on smaller rides. So when we go out in Russia, we lie and make him play with other children. I think they think he can speak Russian. I don't know what's that old trope, "children play in any language"

This is a train ride that he went on. No the ride operator didn't stay on it with him for the whole entire time. He was just showing Loki that you can push the button for choo choo sound. 

Sergey, Larisa, Loki 

Larisa, Loki Cara. Yep.
 So this is just a handful of the photos from the 2 hours that we spent there. This again, was barely 24 hours after we arrived. I will try to provide some photos from the first few hours, and what I have of us on the airplane.
Some other things, the night that we arived, they took Loki toy shopping, Hooray. All the whole entire time we are here in Russia, loki misses grandma, and his home.
We are here until the end of August. We have a lot of time to spend here still. Also I think we are still trying to figure things out in general .

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