Monday, July 21, 2014

The Night before, the night before.

So it's the night before, the night before we leave for Russia. I haven't packed, my clothes, I haven't packed my son's clothes. It is my hope that we can bring only one suitcase, though I did let Loki pack a suitcase full of his toys. I am going to try and hide some of his clothes in there, so that the case is under 50lbs. Fingers Crossed!
The flight will depart out of SeaTac on Tuesday morning, American Airlines/FinnAir. Woo! The only problem, is we have one lay over, two accounting for Helsinki, a long car ride to Seattle, and also a train ride to Russia.
We are taking a high speed bullet train. The train is called Allegro, that sounds pleasant enough. Here's the website, 
I still would prefer a ferry, and I think it would be a fun trip. But here we are on a bullet train. Well, actually we aren't there yet. But we are almost there. Nervous just slightly.

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