Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kirov Centeral Culture and Leisure Park

We go here quite a bit. It's usually free, but this was a Friday evening so there was a cost to come in. Realize that anything inside the park also has a cost to it. It is known as either Leisure Island, Kirov, or Yelgin Island. A lot of sections of Saint Petersburg gets the moniker, "Island", but I am not sure if they are technically islands or not. If they are man made islands, then does that technically count as an actual island?
 Here is Loki and Sergey trying to cram their way into the park. The lady in the orange safety jacket is collecting tickets.
 So Loki is really into fishing lately, and this resulted in his grandparents spending money on fishing supplies. That's okay because it makes Loki extremely happy. Those people are sitting at the lake edge, trying to enjoy their beer, and have a snack and here comes MR. American child. So much for your pleasant afternoon.

 This is the lake in the park. It could partially be man made. The Neva feeds into it, and it was frozen the last time we came to Russia. Yes those are ducks, and yes you can rent a row boat and feel very romantic rowing your self across the lake. Through the lake? I don't know, how you transit through this body of water. The people in the boats are : kids, adults, teens, parents, seniors. I insisted Loki wear his life jacket, when we went on a boat ride, but it wasn't actually that deep. I would prefer that we attempt to pretend to be safe. When we take Taxi's he refuses to wear his seat belt, because literally no one else is.
 This is how they have Loki fishing. It's a reel that isn't like one I am used to. But sometimes the rod sits in the water, and sometimes depending on the location it is held . Mind you, people are only 5 feet away from us, churning up water with row boats.

Eventually a fish was caught, instead of releasing it back into nature of course we tied it in a bag, and let it suffocate. I am under the impression that we are going to eat it. I would rather never eat that thing. SO GROSS. We caught two more that day. By the way, don't comment about what kind of fish it is. Your guess is as good as mine.

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