Friday, August 15, 2014

They don't call it Leisure park for nothing...

Here is me wrangling a gun, (actually air rifle with pellet.) with Loki next to me. Sad story, Loki couldn't properly hold the "rifle" and pull the trigger at the same time.

 See this lady in the blue with the long brown hair? Yeah she's holding a "pistol" or hand gun and is totally blowing away lined up cans. I mean she was brutal.
 The other kids at the gun parlor (is that the right word, whatev's it's my blog) where aiming at a target. I was aiming for that blue disk in the upper right of the photo. And not hit my kid with the gun. After the lady in blue was done using the pistol/hand gun, the propprietor then handed it to my son, because it fit his hand better. So that's promising. What did Loki hit, I don't even think he landed anything. But he sure was laughing.
A parting shot of an almost sunset. By the way, it gets dark at 11, but the sun set is technically after 1015 pm.

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