Sunday, August 17, 2014

More from the interior of Peter Paul Fortress

This was an outdoor sculpture.

 Here's me looking my loveliest, in one of the sculpture chairs. Angry german being spoken directly to my side, because the guy was like taking a million camera photo pictures of his friends in chairs. Acting all like he's from National Geographic, it's just a camera phone. Ugh. Just move so I and the hundreds of other visitors, can sit in the damn chair. 
 The things on this sculpture moved. But the sculpture didn't move. I think it was like a sun clock. I don't know. But it was cool.

 But wait who's taking the picture now. It's your favorite four year old. He's holding the camera, and he's taking the photo. Which is why the angle is weird. But he likes taking photos. ..
 Of his scooter. You can barely see it in the photo above. I think I am gesturing to it. I have some other photo's of the scooter.
 He also likes to take photos of wild life.
 His grandma and his scooter. She motioning towards me.
Because I have this lovely pose going on. I meant to have my eyes open, but my photographer was too fast. I am also wearing his hat, and I wish the purse wasn't strangling me. Loki took several more photos of me, in this awkward pose. He likes to take photos, but it's difficult to take the camera away from him. I don't think he needs his own camera, and I don't think I am going to buy him one. I don't think he needs a camera. But he does take cute pictures sometimes, and he has fun.

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