Saturday, August 16, 2014

Welcome to the Interior of Peter Paul Fortress

 The oldest compound in Russia. Where the majority of the Romanov family is interred. Where the mint is/was located at. Where Peter the great planned the majority of Saint Petersburg.

There was a flood I believe, or a flood, and a young woman held in the penal part of the the compound. She died of course. The marker on the wall, the not gold marker is the indicator of where the flood water reached. I can't imagine the city being flooded.

 Here I am nonchanlantly leaning against a giant rabbit. The island was home to lots of Rabbits? Something about rabbits.

Loki found a hat that he liked. Many people were site seeing at Peter Paul Fortress. They were none to excited about the pushy American lady trying to get photos of her freakishly adorable child. These chairs I don't remember from the last time we were there. Probably an art installation. Don't worry there will be dozens more photos from the fortress. I guess it's fortress and not compound. Oh well.

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